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Sorry, but I just think…

Sorry, but I just think…


I have been thinking a lot recently about confidence and how females portray themselves in business.

It’s often said (usually by men!) we lack confidence. But that’s not true at all…women are generally very confident in their roles…we don’t shout about it as much as men though! We keep our heads down and get on with the task in hand, hoping that our good work will be recognised someday…

But sometimes we can appear to be indecisive and lack confidence…and that’s quite a different thing altogether.

Have a look at the emails you send – how often do you apologise, use the word “just” or preface a viewpoint with the phrase “I think”?

Why do you need to say sorry all the time? Fill in sentences with weakening words like “just”? Dilute your viewpoint or statement of fact with”I think”?

I bet if you look through your past week’s emails you will be horrified by the number of times you do some or all of the above. Re-write some of them, taking out all these confidence-sapping words and phrases. Instantly you will see your communication transformed into a confident, decisive, succinct piece of writing from a leader. (Ok, sometimes you do need to say sorry, and sometimes you really are “just thinking”, but not nearly as often as you do right now!)

Try it out with some emails you send this week and see what response you get. Then start removing dead words from your speech. Not quite as easy, it takes time to get over such an ingrained conversational habit, but it’s worth the effort, believe me!




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