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Business Insider Special Report – Women in Business

Business Insider Special Report – Women in Business
Business Insider Women in Business
Business Insider Women in Business

Business Insider did a great report in their October edition all about Women in Business in Scotland. Here’s what I had to say in the report:

“Lynne Cadenhead, a serial entrepreneur and chair of Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES), says different people need different kinds of support at various stages in their career.

The key to development is to provide what is “appropriate for a person at that point in their journey”.

That said, there are widely recognised differences in how women and men handle management duties.

Women tend to collaborate, which to men can come across as a sign of weakness.

Men are often forthright with their opinions, which some women take as a personal attack on their abilities.

“There is no black and white, there are shades of grey in all of this, but women can come across as not being confident in their decision-making,” Cadenhead says.

“There is also an issue when women want to move into other areas outside of their core job.

“We need to try and help women understand that 90 per cent of what they do in one job is the same as what they would do in another job, or another sector.”

In an attempt to untangle the crossed wires of workplace perceptions, WES is planning to hold a “Men’s Think Tank” in November, where male business leaders from the UK and further abroad will be invited to share their experiences and views on working with women in senior leadership roles.

Business Insider
Business Insider

According to Cadenhead, this is the only sensible approach in an environment where the majority of those deciding on boardroom appointments are men.

“If women are banging their heads against a wall because our message is not getting across, then the best people to ask about why the message is not getting across is the men, not other women,” she explains.



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