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Prolific Beats Perfect

Prolific Beats Perfect

Why is one entrepreneur more successful in business than another? I’ve pondered this often…Are their products better? Do they have better connections? Is their strategy better? Are they super-smart? Do they believe in themselves more? Are they just lucky? (And yes, luck does have a bit to do with it…)

Whilst there is an element of truth in some of the above, I’ve come to the conclusion that what makes the difference is successful entrepreneurs just do a wee bit more than others do. They will do one more meeting, make another call, send another email. They will come up with more ideas, more solutions, dream up more angles – throw it all out there and somewhere along the line something will stick. They don’t worry about getting it right, or being perfect, from the start – they just try things out, and try out more of them. In short, prolific beats perfect (a great maxim, I think it was from Daniel Priestley).

If you wait for everything to be perfect before you get going, you won’t get going at all. You’ll stay where you are and not move forward. Perfect doesn’t exist – but prolific does – and it beats perfect hands-down every time. Women in business are particularly bad at wanting their work to be perfect – we have a tendency to take criticism badly and get a tad defensive about it, focusing on the one thing that is wrong rather than the ten things that are great! Wanting to be perfect in an entrepreneurial business is not exactly a great strategy for being ultra-productive ultra-fast and actively looking for constructive feedback in the early stages…

I have a work colleague who is just brilliant at creating concepts and getting jobs started  – I call her “Debbie Draft” (name changed to protect the innocent…). Anytime we’re planning new projects you’ll hear Debbie shouting “I’ll do a draft!”. Debbie’s draft might not look very pretty, it will be disordered and disjointed, but the core information is there and it really galvanises the rest of the team into action…we get stuck into the new project and Debbie heads off to do another draft on another new idea we have dreamed up. Everyone needs a Debbie in their team…I couldn’t exist without my Debbie!

Just do something to get going on a new idea, and then try something else, and something else, and something else again. Once your various concepts are up and running you can review, tweak, and carry on or discard as appropriate.  Get lots of ideas started and you’ll soon find the good ones to run with.

Do more, do it now, and don’t wait for it to be perfect. Messy drafts are much more fun – ask Debbie!


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