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Fearless Girl Stands Up For Gender Balance

Fearless Girl Stands Up For Gender Balance

Great article by my friend and Women’s Enterprise Scotland board member, broadcaster Clare English…

“We rarely see images of strong women standing up for themselves so the past few days have reminded us that there is a quiet strength that resides in us all ( men and women).  For women looking at Saffiyah Khan’s smiling countenance in the face of hostility or the slight bronze figure of the Fearless Girl, there’s inspiration because both women are not intimidated by a threat.  A simple  smile  can have weapons grade power, disarming the most ferocious  verbal attacks . A small girl, standing defiantly and staring down fear in the form of a charging bull, reminds us that we don’t always have to resort to turning up the volume or getting physical to resist. We can simply choose to stand our ground…”

Read more here.


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