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Expect Problems and Eat Them For Breakfast

Expect Problems and Eat Them For Breakfast

Problems, problems, problems. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it seems like there is a nearby Problem Volcano, spewing forth molten problems every single minute of every single day. Deal with one, and another one pops up right away, probably even worse than the one before…

It can be really demoralising for a new entrepreneur. Why isn’t this working? What am I doing wrong? What’s wrong with me? And it gets even worse when you start comparing yourself to others, for whom everything just seems to be going right all the time (BTW, it’s not, they will be having just as many problems to deal with as you, so don’t believe any bluff and bluster!)

The key to dealing with problems really does lie in your mindset. Now, and I know this may sound counter-productive and goes against the general consensus that to get ahead you “must-be-positive-and-upbeat-and-optimistic-and-irritatingly-happy-at-all-times”, but changing the way you perceive problems will really help.

Business is tough, business is hard. Doing it on your own is even harder. Especially when you are cash-strapped and feeling like you are working with two hands tied behind your back. If you start from a viewpoint that business is hard and difficult – not that it is great and easy and you will change the world overnight  – you change your set base-point and manage your expectations accordingly. All the problems that happen every day are, quite simply, to be 100% expected, par for the course, nothing new, just the same old, same old daily grunt work that everyone has to get through. A problem is not a cataclysmic disaster of epic proportions. It’s just an everyday issue to be expected and that needs to be handled swiftly and without fuss.

When you start from that expected-problem base-point, you are not dragged down into the depths of despair when something does go wrong…and the real beauty is that the minor and major wins you will get, seem so much sweeter.

So, expect problems and eat them for breakfast! Don’t ignore them and deal with them quickly. See them as opportunities to challenge your thinking, grow and learn. Focus on the solution. Reach out for help. And throw in a hefty dose of humour too if you can…it always helps (and makes you sound a little less like Eeyore…)




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