About Me

About me

"Been there, seen it, done it" probably sums me up best! A serial entrepreneur, I've founded a number of companies - some spectacular successes, some even more spectacular failures! I invented the range of Quest Games, with Scottish Quest alone having sold over 100,000 copies, and have over 20 years investment experience, founding, investing in, mentoring and nurturing a range of early stage technology and retail companies throughout the UK. www.scottish-quest.com

In my time I have served on over 30 boards and worked with a wide portfolio of technology companies – from pharmaceuticals and polymers, to prosthetics and optics – in a variety of Director, Chief Executive, fundraiser and advisor/mentor roles, as well as managing two early stage technology venture capital funds. I was the first Chairman of Touch Bionics, the world-leading upper limb prosthetics company, sold in 2016 for £27.5million. 

I am currently focused on Emotional Sciences Ltd, an incredible computational linguistics company that detects emotions and the causes of emotions from any type of media. Our products "read between the lines" of what is being communicated and determine what people are really feeling at an emotional level. A variety of applications, such as wellness in the workplace, risk management and cyber security, and true game-changing technology. www.emotionalsciences.com

I firmly believe it's important to give back and help others, so I mentor a number of young female entrepreneurs, and I am proud to be Chair of Women's Enterprise Scotland (WES), a Community Interest Company (CIC) which helps female entrepreneurs in Scotland start up and grow their companies. www.wescotland.co.uk

I am privileged to be the Chair of Scotland Advisory Board for Unicef UK, the world’s leading largest organisation working specifically for children and children’s rights. www.unicef.org.uk

I have also recently joined the Technology Scotland Advisory Board.  www.technologyscotland.scot

I have recently been appointed as a Visiting Professor in Governance and Enterprise at Edinburgh Napier University – where I did my first degree in Life Sciences  - and also where I am a long-standing member of their Campaign Advisory Board and their Business School Advisory Board. Together with my colleagues there we have recently launched a wonderful programme on Leadership in Board Governance (LiBG)...or, as I prefer to think of it...courses in Common Sense!

Other current (government) advisory roles include membership of:

APPG on Women in Enterprise (UK)

CPG on Women in Enterprise (Scotland)

Women in Enterprise Framework and Action Group (Scotland)

Strategic Labour Market Group (Scotland)

Ministerial Review Group  - Enterprise and Skills (Scotland)

...all focused on improving diversity and entrepreneurship for women.

And when not working and giving back, I enjoy swimming, skiing, scuba-diving an skiing, travelling and eating really, really, really hot curries...

If you would like to know more about me, please visit my LinkedIn page Lynne Cadenhead or download my biography here.