My Manifesto

To be inspiring, first you must be inspired!

I’ve been around the block now, there’s not a lot I haven’t seen in business – good, bad and indifferent – and like all entrepreneurs I have had a rollercoaster journey, with both incredible highs and a few soul-destroying lows. But throughout it all I can honestly say I have learned so much, achieved so much and met so many inspiring people…I always knew that if I could just keep going, success was waiting for me just around the corner. And happily it was. It’s there for you too. As long as you just keep going.

Throughout this adventure, there have been a few key mantras that have helped me to reach higher, think bigger, do more, be better, just keep going. The words that I come back to time and time again to pick me up and push me on.

As my mantras have always inspired me, I believe they will inspire others, so I recently commissioned a series of artworks for my mantras. If you feel they will help you, just right click to download the images and use as you like.

My female entrepreneurial ethos is ‘Brains, Beauty and Balls in Business.’ As a female entrepreneur, you need all three Bs:

  • Brains (you’ve got know what you are doing, recognise when you don’t know and find someone that does know)
  • Beauty (not beauty in the conventional sense , but your innate inner sense of grace and feminine wisdom)
  • Balls (also not in the traditional sense – that might be a bit difficult! – but grit, guts and determination)

Together my mantras and ethos are what make My Manifesto. It sits in a frame on my desk to inspire and remind me every day what to do, how to do it and why.  Please feel free to download the quotes or a copy of the manifesto below in your preferred colour. 

I hope my manifesto inspires you too.