Start up companies fascinate me. I love working with ambitious and aspirational entrepreneurs, helping to navigate you through any pitfalls, making connections and helping dreams come true. Here's what a few of my recent clients have said about working with me...

"Lynne has acted as a mentor, sounding board and adviser over the last few months as our company attempts to establish a foothold in the highly competitive games business. Lynne has been down this road previously and has been able to help guide us ensuring that we avoid many of the potential potholes. She is always available to chat and to discuss issues and challenges. Lynne's expertise stretches across many sectors and industries. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and network of contacts have been invaluable and have ensured that we continue to move forward at pace. Lynne is a pleasure to deal with and we are lucky to have her in our camp. I would have no hesitation is recommending Lynne to anyone looking for a friendly, very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, well connected adviser or non-exec."   

Gordon Drysdale, Director Taxi!

"Having only met Lynne a couple of times in an advisory capacity, she has already added such a lot of value. She has fantastic instincts and gets to the heart of the issue very quickly, and she's always available for a coffee or a quick chat on the phone. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynne to anyone who is trying to build a scalable business."

Leah Hutcheon, CEO Appointed

"I am at the beginning of my journey with Lynne. I am surprised that Lynne is prepared to give up her precious time to encourage and support me. Working with Lynne fills me with confidence, knowing I have her guiding hand to discuss my ideas and thoughts about anything. I am an artist and this is not a usual type of business that a mentor may consider. I am aware that Lynne can see potential in a person and a business, because of her wide knowledge and experience. I am very glad to have Lynne in my life."  

Jilli Blackwood, Artist

"Working with Lynne is like having an injection of good quality fuel.  She is focused, creative, experienced and very business savvy.  I like that she challenges my thinking and helps me to change the lens on my business perspective and strategy.  She is the critical friend that every business needs as it grows and develops.  She is a total professional and in addition is really good fun to work with.  I have gained so much from our relationship and have no hesitation in recommending Lynne to other organisations or individuals."

Margaret Gibson OBE, Scotland Hub Leader and Head of Social Enterprise Services EY Foundation 

"Lynne Cadenhead is an exceptionally bright individual who never gives up. The sort of person who tries as hard for you as she does for herself and does so with a great deal of respect and concern for the people she helps. Put simply, a breath of fresh air in business, Lynne manages to combine and instil outstanding personal qualities with exceptional business knowledge and skills. One example of this might be her mindfulness of your difficult personal journey, yet she will challenge you on any opportunity missed and demand more of you. Honest and direct in approach, I have been more than fortune to have benefitted from Lynne's wise counsel over several years and still do today. There is a lot of advice when starting a business and mentors are everywhere, who vary in their fields of expertise, skills and abilities. One major quest new business has is to try and find a mentor who can genuinely be described as a benchmark for the rest. Lynne Cadenhead is exactly that and more."

Stephen O'Brien

"I have known and worked with Lynne on a number of projects over the past few years and have always found her to be consistently knowledgeable, engaging and focused on achieving the end result. She is shrewd, perceptive and able to see the big picture in a commercially astute and practical way. Lynne is able to bring her formidable range of skills to bear in a wide range of applications and she adds huge value to any project she is involved in. I can’t recommend her highly enough as a mentor, advisor or non-exec and always feel very privileged to work with her."

Gaynor Simpson, MD Vibrant

"Lynne and I met at an investment conference where she agreed to advise me on my Executive Summary, in order to increase my chances of raising investment. This is not an entirely unusual request, or sometimes this type of advice is offered, but what made Lynne very different was that she showed up to our meeting with my Executive Summary already marked up. She then took the time to find out about me, my goals and why I'm doing what I'm doing. 

She followed up quickly with specific and tailored feedback. She was willing to put in time to then read my business plan, my financials, hear my pitch in preparation for an investment meeting and each time she confirmed what felt right specifically to me, rather than trying shoe horn my presentation into a format or style that is the flavour de jour. This has told me that she is advising not from the place of an observer, who has learnt from a text book or workshops, but as someone who has got into the arena and has put herself on the line with her own businesses. I want to attract more people like her to my company, because I can already see she is accelerating the speed with which we will secure investment." 

Sarah Morgan, CEO Nano-Lit

"Lynne has been a tremendous source of help in both practical terms and by supporting me as an early stage start-up to feel to feel like I am not alone in the process. Developing a tech company as a lone female founder brings particular challenges and rewards but it can be an isolating experience at times. Having had Lynne on hand with fantastic advice has really made me feel like part of something exciting and inspiring. In terms of practical help, the contacts that I have made through Lynne are some of the best I have made so far on my entrepreneurial journey." 

Mel McKendrick, CEO Optomize